St. Paul’s School, Yakima 1914-2014 Celebrating 100 Years  School Choir and Director Kathy Bennett Kathy Bennett and Mary Gilmartin Sr. Peg Murphy and Sr. Philomena McCarthy with former student Jackie Holzer Attending the celebration: Mary Gilmartin, former member with Sisters Sharon Casey, Agnes Huck, Peg Murphy, Kathleen Reilly, Philomena McCarthy, and Gretta Woodlock  Sr. Philomena McCarthy and Nancy Johnson  Caterers – The Rich Sisters

100 Year Celebration!

St. Paul School in Yakima celebrated the centennial of founding on September 14, 2014. The Dominican Sisters staffed the school, registering 47 pupils on the first day. Until the school was completed, the sisters taught classes in their parlor, music room and community room! The slide show above highlights the St. Paul celebration.

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